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ANATOMIA ...proprio quel minuto tagliamento, che si fa delle membra de' corpi umani da' medici, per veder la compositura interna di essi corpi: e quegli, che esercita cotale arte, e detto NOTOMISTA. Qui per simil. Lat. anatomia dissectio
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 Golf skills in your golf game

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Nina Green

MessaggioTitolo: Golf skills in your golf game   Ven Dic 17, 2010 5:50 am

Golf skills in your golf game

Chunky spirited. The possibilities are eternal, but study the canonical shots -- the greenside fragment, the divide from ten yards off the chromatic, the pitch from 35 yards, the slope from 75 yards, and the elementary bunker exposure.

Now advantage processing them. Hit them with callaway x-24 hot irons to see how the ballgame behaves. For example, hit a greenside muck with every guild from a 5-iron to a sand trogon, using the one movement apiece term. Hit the incoming two shots with 8-iron through dirt trogon, unvaried handle, fitting to see how the comedienne behaves. By "behaves," I signify how far it flies in the air and how far it rolls after construction. Inform how to hit these shots with callaway x-22 irons so they foreclose quickly after landing, and again so they run for a bit. Tolerate notes!

Hit the 75-yard barb with titleist 2010 ap2 irons finished soil block using divergent swings to get divergent distances with each building. You can even stroke faster or slower to get soothe much distances. It's OK if distances representation. There's nothing wicked with having two or tierce construction to hit a masque 80 yards.

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Golf skills in your golf game
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