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 Repair Check Engine Light on the 2002 Honda Social

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MessaggioTitolo: Repair Check Engine Light on the 2002 Honda Social   Mar Mag 22, 2012 11:39 am

The check engine light occurs when a mistake is detected in your vehicle. The OBD2 diagnostic tool(OBD II) system, that was standardized in cars manufactured beginning in 1996, stores trouble codes that, when decoded, showcase the issues together with your vehicle. For those who have a 2002 Honda Social, you are able to identify the reason behind your check engine light activating and repair the problem or go ahead and take vehicle to some auto technician to be fixed.


Park the Honda Social on an amount surface, switch off the engine and engage the emergency brake.


Open the driver side door and look for the OBD II connector underneath the dash. The connector is lengthy and rectangular and it has several holes to simply accept the car scan tool plug.


Plug the car V30 Auto Scanner tool plug in to the OBD II connector, being careful to not pressure it in position. You might damage the hooks around the plug or even the connector piece should you press way too hard around the plug. You can buy a car scan tool in an auto repair store.


Turn the ignition answer to the auxiliary energy position. You shouldn't run the engine when carrying out a scan.


Energy around the auto scan oral appliance stick to the onscreen instructions to carry out a scan. For a lot of auto scan tools, this involves typing details about your vehicle and selecting the Autel MaxiDAS DS708 command. Once the scan is done, a listing of codes can look on screen.


Write lower the codes and switch the ignition answer to the "off" position.


Switch off the car scan oral appliance close the lid on from the OBD II connector.


Lookup this is from the codes on the web or perhaps in the Honda Civics service manual. Several websites have info on this is of trouble codes.


Carry out the repairs required to fix your vehicle or go to some auto technician to be fixed. The check engine light will totally reset once the proper repairs are created to your automobile.
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Repair Check Engine Light on the 2002 Honda Social
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