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 How to change fluorescent to LED lights

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How to change fluorescent to LED lights Empty
MessaggioTitolo: How to change fluorescent to LED lights   How to change fluorescent to LED lights Icon_minitimeMer Nov 16, 2011 10:59 am

There are many personal reasons, he should consider fluorescent lamps, LED lamps. As we all know, fluorescent lamps contain mercury, will not last long. LED lights are environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury, last longer, saving energy and less heat emissions. LED fluorescent lamp conversion process is relatively straight forward, but you must converted the drop-down tube kit or to successfully complete the task.


Find the necessary modification kits, or in the tube before starting the conversion of fluorescent light, LED SpotLight can. Albeo technical Web site describes the drop tube is easier to install, but they are less efficient than conversion kits. Selection and purchase of equipment, the best to meet your needs.

Turn off the power before you start working on specific lamps. In addition to fluorescent lamp shade removed. Ballast cover should also be removed or distorted slide.

Use a screwdriver to remove ballast and wire cap to expose the wires. Ballasts, transformers must be safe conversion kit. Installation Kit bracket and make sure everything is tightly screwed.

Click to enter the LED bulbs. Wire must be connected to the transformer and LED bulbs. Reinstall the ballast cover and re-open the power supply to ensure that the new light bulb work.

Installation of LED lights, using similar steps, the conversion process if you choose to use the decline in the tube. Oonce lamp cover LED light bulbs and fluorescent bulbs directly into the old brackets deleted. Reinstall the cover, turn the power to ensure that the new light bulb works.


Use the DROP is still in place in the pipe means the old ballast. Old ballast can compromise the effectiveness of LED lights. Leave the old place ballast is a potential security problem, because it can lead to high-voltage fixture.
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How to change fluorescent to LED lights
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